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Identification Number: 50-C33-1976-89
Theme(s): Transport and Communications, Liquor, Prohibition and Customs, Construction and Architecture
Folder Title: Border crossing, Customs house, St. Francis Street, Signs
Date: July 1976

Description: The border crossing, Canadian Customs house and Bridge Street as seen from Saint-François Street. At the far right of the photo is the Provincial Bank building.

Subjects: New Brunswick, Emigration and immigration, Ports of entry, Public buildings, Customhouses, Bridges, Iron and steel, International Bridge, Madawaska (County), Edmundston
Creator: Studio Laporte
Source: Cdem Studio Laporte Funds
Université de Moncton campus d'Edmundston Société Historique du Madawaska Ville d'Edmundston Patrimoine Canadien