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Identification Number: 50-C33-1976-8
Theme(s): Politics, Trades, and Occupations
Folder Title: Ste. Anne: Town hall, mayor and council: Fire truck and firemen
Date: May 1976

Description: The Sainte-Anne-de-MAdwaska Municipal Council in 1977. From left to right: Rodolphe Lajoie, Réo Ringuette, Irené Boutot, clerk, Gérald R. Martin, mayor, Émile Ringuette and Rosaire Dubé. This photo was taken at the official opening of the Saint- Anne Municipal Building, on June 20, 1976.

Subjects: New Brunswick, City halls, Municipal government, City councils, Mayors, Gérald Martin, City council members, Madawaska (County), Sainte-Anne
Creator: Studio Laporte
Collaborator(s): Le Madawaska, 16 June 1976, p. 1-B
Source: Cdem Studio Laporte Funds
Université de Moncton campus d'Edmundston Société Historique du Madawaska Ville d'Edmundston Patrimoine Canadien