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Identification Number: 50-C1-1944-8
Theme(s): Music, Entertainment and Folklore, Trades, and Occupations
Folder Title: Jam session: Léo Poulin
Date: November 1944

Description: Léo Poulin, an American, lived his musical career in the Edmundston area. He organized jam sessions with musicians visiting Edmundston and Madawaska. This photo was probably taken at Radio CJEM. The musicians were invited by Pee-Wee Ramos, the owner of a jazz club in Madawaska.

Subjects: New Brunswick, Musical groups, Bands (Music), Bandmasters, Léo Poulin, Jazz musicians, Wind instrument players, Brass instrument players, Musicians, Trumpet players, Woodwind instrument players, Oboe players, Wind instruments, Brass instruments, Trumpet, Woodwind instruments, Oboe, Madawaska (County), Edmundston
Creator: Studio Laporte
Collaborator(s): Huguette Ouellet; Gilles Guerrette
Source: Cdem Studio Laporte Funds
Université de Moncton campus d'Edmundston Société Historique du Madawaska Ville d'Edmundston Patrimoine Canadien