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Identification Number: 50-C48-2001-276
Theme(s): Tourism, Military, Construction and Architecture
Folder Title: Historical sites: Clair; Bernier House, church and museum in Connors; Antique cars museum; P'tit Sault Blockhouse; Bridge over Madawaska Basin; Jim and Catherine on boardwalk
Date: June 18, 2001

Description: Youngsters Jim and Catherine are on the footbridge crossing the Madawaska River in downtown Edmundston.Today this bridge is named Bernard Valcourt Bridge.The young people are looking at "la Place des Artisans" on the opposite bank of the river and the "Fortin du Petit-Sault", the Little Falls Fort up on the cliff. The Fort was rebuilt in 2000-2001. It had originally been built in 1841 during the period of the border disputes between England and the United States. After the signing of the Ashburton-Webster Treaty on August 9, 1842, the Fort was abandoned until it was destroyed when hit by lightning on July 12, 1855.

Subjects: New Brunswick, Wooden building, Log buildings, Stone buildings, Fortification, Blockhouses, P'tit Sault Blockhouse, Marinas, Wooden bridges, Footbridges, Edmundston marina, Rivers, Madawaska River, Madawaska (County), Edmundston
Creator: Studio Laporte
Collaborator(s): Canada’s Historic Places; City of Edmundston
Source: Cdem Studio Laporte Funds
Université de Moncton campus d'Edmundston Société Historique du Madawaska Ville d'Edmundston Patrimoine Canadien