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Identification Number: 50-C38-1986-16
Theme(s): Rural Life, Maliseets and Other Peoples, Visual Arts, Agriculture and Animal Breeding
Folder Title: La Vie au Madawaska
Date: 1986

Description: La vie au Madawaska, a fresco by the painter, Mr. Claude Picard, who relates the story of the county. It was created for the bicentenary of the arrival of the first whites to the territory of Madawaska, in 1785. The fresco is in the Council Chambers in the Edmundston City Hall.

Subjects: New Brunswick, French-Canadian painting, Mural painting and decoration, Frescoes, La Vie au Madawaska, Landscape in art, Rivers in art, Forests in art, Acadia in art, Indians in art, Fishing in art, Animals in art, Birds in art, Building in art, Buildings in art, Religion in art, Children in art, Agriculture in art, Peasants in art, Canoes and canoeing in art, Occupations in art, Beverages in art, Railroads in art, Industries in art, Working class in art, Food in art, Sports in art, Music in art, Artists, Painters, Claude Picard, Madawaska (County), Edmundston
Creator: Studio Laporte
Collaborator(s): Revue de la Société historique du Madawaska, Volume XVII, No 1, January-March 1989
Source: Cdem Studio Laporte Funds
Université de Moncton campus d'Edmundston Société Historique du Madawaska Ville d'Edmundston Patrimoine Canadien